1:1 Coaching

Do you ever …

… feel stuck, scattered, or directionless?
… put other people’s needs ahead of your own happiness?
… experience low motivation or trouble prioritizing?
… struggle to achieve your goals? 

Imagine how it would feel to… 

… know what you want in life and focus on small steps to get there.
… have more balance and flow between life’s demands, your needs and desires, and the space in-between.  
…wake up each day knowing you are living a life you designed in line with your own purpose.

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Mindful coaching presents an opportunity to delve deeper into your life balance with curiosity and compassion leading to the exploration of previously undiscovered insights and setting you up to create a more fulfilling, intentionally satisfying life.

This approach frees people to live bigger lives, set objectives that are value-based, work from strengths, make choices, manage change, deepen awareness and implement customized plans to achieve objectives.

Ultimately, you create an authentic life that is meaningful for you.

As your mindful coach, I help you:

  • gain clarity on your purpose and goals
  • get organized and create a plan to achieve them
  • sustain positive results through support and accountability

You are in control of the decision making process. I am here to provide guidance and help you stay focused and motivated so you can reach your highest potential.

You receive guidance and support to live your life based upon your values

Through the use of mindfulness, we are able to create a safe space to slow the mental chatter so that you can become more aware of your options and choices and discover strategies to overcome obstacles. You may recognize where you are operating in auto pilot and examine your habitual behavior (because we can’t change what we don’t see).

I am present and here for YOU so you can achieve the change you want.

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