Mindful coaching services

Let’s admit it… things are extra hard right now.

Everything that was hard before is magnified times ten right now. You’re in the middle of a global pandemic, working from home with your kids at home learning virtually, raising a family, and keeping a household running.

You feel like you’re about to come apart

at the seems.

Some of us are so overwhelmed with everything that we’re frozen and can’t make any decisions. Some of us are so anxious that we’re trying to find any area of our life that we can actually control.

You’re doing your best to keep your family safe, healthy, educated and entertained, while working, and now schooling, from home.

You’re worried about the future and want some semblance of normalcy in what is a very not-normal time.

Does that sound familiar? I get it. I’m in the thick of it with you.

Let’s get through this together.

As your mindful coach, I can help you navigate this challenging time with grace. We’ll put you in the driver’s seat, creating a roadmap to help you:

* Gain clarity on your purpose and goals so you can make decisions from a place of knowledge and strength, not fear

* Get organized and create a realistic plan

* Sustain positive results through support and accountability

Through the use of mindfulness, we are able to create a safe space to slow the mental chatter so that you can become more aware of your options and choices and discover strategies to overcome obstacles.

I’m in your corner.

Would you like time to just focus on you and your needs? Schedule a complimentary intro to coaching call to learn more about mindful coaching and how it can help you create calm out of chaos right now.

So how does Mindful Coaching work anyway?

Create Space

We start by taking a moment to center ourselves through light movement, breath work, and guided meditation to access our calm response, opening up space to welcome our inner wisdom. 

Powerful Questions

We use curious, powerful questions to evoke personal exploration and discovery. This invites introspection into what truly matters, exploring and uncovering new options and improved decision making.

Action Plan

Together we create a customized action plan based on your specific needs that works for you, empowering you to take the steps necessary to make the changes you desire.

“Coaching with Annie Pearson changed my life in a month. Prior to coaching, I was struggling with asserting a schedule for myself that was practical and well balanced. Within a month of coaching with Annie I had a reliable and practical schedule for myself that balanced my work and family time.”

Audrey A.

Annie focuses on the person in front of her, giving them her full attention. Being seen is so critical and she makes sure others feel seen.

Heather l.

Annie’s mindful clearing sets the tone for the session and really sets the space. Annie is very present, honest, attentive to what you are saying. With her heartfelt guidance, I feel I am being heard and that I am being supported every step of the way.

Sarah j.

You got this.

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