About Me

Hi, I’m Annie Pearson

Owner/Founder, Mindful Life & Wellbeing Coach

I am a Certified Mindful Change Coach and Mindfulness Instructor. My aim is to be a catalyst for mindful, positive change for adults, children and families.  Through a unique blend of mindfulness and positive psychology I am able to offer creative effective methods to help you reduce anxiety and stress, leading to increased focus, creativity and resilience. 

As a highly skilled teacher and coach, I’m most passionate about supporting you where you are, ensuring the teachings are practical, usable and accessible, most importantly tailed to meet your specific needs.

I founded Empowered Purpose, a mindfulness-based wellness coaching company, to empower positive action through personal agency. I offer individual and group coaching and lead mindful movement and meditation classes for groups of any size. 

How did I get here?

I am a mom, a yoga teacher, a mindfulness instructor, a writer, a friend, and a coach. I had a decade-long successful career in higher education and nonprofit management then took a break to raise my kids when my spouse’s job started moving us around the country. Since then, I’ve lived in New York, Minneapolis, Florida, Seattle, and the San Francisco Bay Area. I became really good at managing chaos and transitions but I started to lose sense of who I was outside of being a mom. 

The loss of connection from my community had me feeling like an abandoned astronaut in outer space.

After my daughter was born, I was determined to find meaningful work based on my values. I took a 200 hr yoga teacher training and then advanced trainings in children’s yoga and mindfulness. I started a small business teaching kids and families yoga and expanded to leading dynamic mindfulness in public schools. It was equally challenging and rewarding work. 

Then we moved across the country, again. I had to leave my community, my business, and the roots I had established and reinvent myself once again, but not before I hit rockbottom. This move also coincided with some family and mental health issues. The loss of connection from my community had me feeling like an abandoned astronaut in outer space. I felt like I had nothing solid to hold on to.

Then I remembered – “When there is chaos outside of you, find stillness inside of you.” So, I did a lot of soul searching, putting my skills and education in mindfulness to work. I tuned in to my inner guide and realized, in order to create a life of meaning and purpose for myself, that I needed to use my greatest gifts to help others. 

When there is chaos outside of you, find stillness inside of you.

After intensive study with the Guiding Mindful Change Coaching program, I’ve found a way to bring together my talents, skills, training, and loves. I founded Empowered Purpose to help others mindfully navigate the turbulent waters of their lives, transforming the overwhelming and unmanageable into something meaningful and intentionally satisfying. I did it with my own life and have since helped dozens of others. Now it’s time to help you.

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Words of praise by some of my valuable clients who have seen staggering growth after receiving coaching services.

Do You Want to Improve Your Life Balance?

Close the gap between where you are today – and where you want to be. My way of coaching is to empower you in becoming the Leader you want to be.

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