Team Wellness Sessions

Enhance Employee Wellbeing & Engagement

An employee’s physical, mental, and emotional state can have a very real impact on the way they feel and perform at work.  Mindful Wellness Sessions offer a way to support your team’s resilience to stress and avoid burnout. 

Each 45 to 60 minute virtual session can be customized to meet your group’s specific needs and may include: gentle dynamic movement, breathing exercises, various mindfulness activities, short guided meditations, and/or worksheets that focus on integrating the techniques right away.

Ease Anxiety

Ease anxiety as employees return to the office and/or provide support to those staying remote 

Positive Culture

Contribute to a positive work culture increasing employee engagement and productivity 

Retain Staff

Enhance employee health and happiness reducing turnover and healthcare costs.

Annie is a total treasure and we can’t recommend her expertise enough!

Rebecca Soffer, Modern Loss

Sample Themes:

  • Cultivate Calm: Recognizing and releasing the signs of stress in your body  
  • Beyond Bubble Baths: Self-care as a healthcare discipline 
  • Goodbye Gremlins: Challenge your inner perfectionist and self-critic
  • I AM: Empowering the self with positive affirmations
  • Rest and Digest: slow gentle movement for improved sleep
  • Respond vs React:  mindful tools to build stress resilience 
  • Spring Clean your Life: detox your to-do list and plant seeds of new habits

Mindful Change Life Coaching

Let’s make work a little more mindful.

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